Current Special Offers !!


During GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time ) we are offering standard upgrade Triple Glazing” at the same price as double glazing, and at a cost of only 10% extra ( normally 45% extra ) we are offering Acoustic Triple Glazing” which is very effective not only against heat loss but extremely effective against noise pollution from traffic and school’s ect.
This technology is not only available as many people think in Scandinavian or Alpine countries, it is now here in the UK. Contrary to the claims of many DIY Websites,  Triple Glazing is far superior to Double Glazing and is not that much more expensive. What can be achieved today to guard against heat loss and noise pollution is truly remarkable, so contact us and let us tailor a FREE quotation to suite your individual requirements
Not sure ?, why not start with a particularly noisy or cold room to see the benefits ?
Don’t forget you don’t have to change the frames just the sealed units, all that is required is a minimum rebate size of 24mm ( this will be diagnosed with our FREE !!! on-site survey ), need to know more ? then contact us, read customer comments on triple glazing or click on the link to Pilkington
So now with the current interest rates almost zero you can invest your money and see a return, by reducing stress levels that are associated with excessive noise pollution, heating bills and carbon footprint.